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Frequently Asked Questions

The manager of Rainbow Rentals composed these comments in reply to an email from a person planning to visit Abaco. We think they are of interest to many potential boat renters .- ed.

Q: What are the basic Requirements for renting a boat? 

A: Renters needs to be at least 21-years of age, be holding a valid driver's license from their home country, and have either a Visa or MasterCard credit card. Sorry, but no American Express and other cards are not accepted.

 I am a novice boater, can I safely operate a Rainbow Rentals' Boat?
Rentals are made available to novices.
When renting a boat we explain and go through the boats with you. We also give you charts with compass headings to show you the way throughout the hub of the Abaco's.
We then take you out in the boat and explain the different colors of the water and how color indicates depth so that you can recognize and avoid shallow areas. We then turn the boat over to you and let you bring it back into our dock.

I want to Water Ski or do some Deep Sea Fishing.
I'm sorry but we do not permit water skiing with our boats. Deep sea fishing and boating in the open ocean is also prohibited unless prior approval for for such activities is obtained in writing from the office of Rainbow Rentals.

What about Places to Snorkel?
Mermaid's Reef and Sandy Cay, 
are two sites preserved for snorkeling and easily reached in one of our boats.  Fowl Cay and Johnny's Cay are also two snorkeling sites for the more experienced boaters.  We ask that nothing be removed from Mermaid's Reef and the Sandy Cay sites as both are protected Land & Sea parks, and it is illegal to take anything from them. Thanks for your consideration in helping to preserve our environment!!

What if we develop Engine Problems?
If you develop any engine problems you are covered in the north by Abaco Yacht Services, to the south by Light House Marina and anywhere in between by Abaco Outboards along with yours truly.  We have our own Chase Boat.

What do you suggest for day trips?

Little Harbour. A good day trip would be to leave Marsh Harbour and travel south to Little Harbour which is the home of Johnston's studio. Mr. Johnston, who passed away several years ago, was a well known sculptor, and his studio and foundry are neat places to visit - his son Pete continues there now. Between the work at the Foundry and Pete's Pub, he stays very busy during the season. On your way back you can stop off at Sandy Cay for some great snorkeling. For lunch, stop at Hopetown and visit the famous candy striped lighthouse. You can stroll along the beautiful beach and snorkel the reef off the Eastern side of the Island.

Green Turtle Cay. Another good day trip would be to travel north to Green Turtle Cay which is another beautiful and very picturesque settlement (as is Hopetown).

Halfway there is Guana Cay. Go in and say HI to Johnny at Nippers. He's a man that works 7 days a week, especially on Sundays basting the tastiest wild boar in the northern Bahamas and hosting the weekly "pigroast" with is probably the biggest weekly party around. It's many of our customers all-around favourites. 

Once you arrive in Green Turtle Cay, 26 miles north of Marsh Harbour, you would have the opportunity of visiting the Alton Lowe Art Gallery, Green Turtle Historical Museum and Sculpture Garden. On this trip there are excellent shelling beaches as well as snorkeling sites.

And we haven't even mentioned Man O' War Cay, Treasure Cay, Baker's Bay ...  
You can day trip to a different spot for a month and return to every one for a different experience.

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